Bunsen Burners!

Last Friday 15th March, Year 4 visited the new Science block at KA’s Centre Site and we used Bunsen Burners! We were learning about bacteria and the conditions it needs to grow.

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Solids, liquids and gases!

In Science this week, we were learning how the particles in solids, liquids and gases move. We experimented with a tub of water and a sponge. When we pushed the sponge down into the water lots of bubbles escaped from the sponge up to the surface. Water then replaced the air bubbles, making the sponge […]

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Poo, paper, puke and pee!

On Thursday the 17th January we went to Didcot Sewage Plant. The main message we learnt was to put only the four Ps down the toilet: puke, poo, pee and (toilet) paper. Putting anything else down there might cause a blockage. Cooking fat and nappies are a particular problem. We carried out an experiment which […]

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S.T.E.M stands for Science, Technology , Engineering and Mathematics. Before the Christmas holidays we did a few Christmas S.T.E.M activities in our classroom . Mrs Rose had been decorating her Christmas tree at home and discovered two sets of broken lights. Using our knowledge of electricity we had learned earlier on in the term, we […]

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