Poo, paper, puke and pee!

On Thursday the 17th January we went to Didcot Sewage Plant. The main message we learnt was to put only the four Ps down the toilet: puke, poo, pee and (toilet) paper. Putting anything else down there might cause a blockage. Cooking fat and nappies are a particular problem. We carried out an experiment which […]

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S.T.E.M stands for Science, Technology , Engineering and Mathematics. Before the Christmas holidays we did a few Christmas S.T.E.M activities in our classroom . Mrs Rose had been decorating her Christmas tree at home and discovered two sets of broken lights. Using our knowledge of electricity we had learned earlier on in the term, we […]

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Greek Day – Friday 12th October

Look at how much fun we had together on Greek day, last Friday. After assembly, we made Greek jewellery serpent cuffs from recycled toilet rolls. Whilst that was happening team Zeus went out to make their tzatziki. Tzatziki is made from cucumber, mint, Greek yogurt and lemon juice. After break we decorated our Greek pots […]

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Our visit to Wantage Church

On Tuesday 2nd October both year 4 classes visited the Wantage Parish Church. We visited the church because we are learning about different places of worship. We discovered lots of interesting things about the church. The church was built in the middle ages and there was still paint work that remained from that time.

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We’ve gone potty!

We made clay pots today in the style of the pots made in Ancient Greece. We had to make a pinch pot first and  smooth over any cracks that formed. We then made a lip and a base, before attaching the handles using the scoring technique. We will wait for them to dry out before painting and varnishing them […]

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